System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 or later.

Note: Due to Microsoft’s terminated Windows XP support that may cause security issues, running the application on Windows XP is not recommended, but possible.

.Net Framework: 3.5 or later.

CPU and physical memory: depends on the type of performed reconciliation. See tested examples below.

Performance of ClearRec greatly depends on your hardware.  ClearRec was tested in different environments to help you make a better decision on the hardware choice.  However, the below figures are for reference purpose only:
OS: Windows 7, CPU: Intel i3, RAM:   4 Gb:            up to       50,000 transactions
OS: Windows 7, CPU: Intel i7, RAM: 16 Gb:            up to     500,000 transactions
OS: Windows 8, CPU: Intel i7, RAM: 32 Gb:            up to  1,000,000 transactions

Accounting systems supported by the Enterprise license:

Currently we support STW accounting system.
We also offer customization of ClearRec to integrate with your accounting system.
We will only charge our Enterprise license fee if we succeed in customizing the experience to the user’s satisfaction.  However, in some cases, third party fees such as charged by the accounting system owner or vendor would be charged.  We do not assume responsibility if the third party does not refund a fee charged by them.
Terms and conditions apply.  Please click on Terms and Conditions to review them.
Call 1-972-771-1065 or send us an email.

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