Bank reconciliation Tutorials

Getting Started

This will show you how to get started with ClearRec by creating a .rec file.

Adding Last Month’s Data

If you are starting a bank reconciliation with ClearRec for the first time with a bank account, you will need to manually add last month’s reconciliation to it.

Adding Last Month’s Data – Short Cut

If you are starting a bank reconciliation with ClearRec and used ClearRec for a previous month’s reconcilation, use this short cut to import uncleared items from last month.

Import Current Data

Once you have created a file and imported data from last month, it is time to bring in data from your current month.  This video will show you how to import from your bank website and accounting system.


“Clearing Transactions”


As a next step, open the help menu of a downloaded version of ClearRec which can guide you through other aspects of the program.  You can either purchase a full version or use our free basic version.

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