Q?What is Clearrec?

Clearrec is a program that is used as a tool to perform a bank reconciliation between an accounting system and a bank statement/website.

Q?What does Clearrec do?

In a clear step-by-step process, clearrec helps you find differences between an accounting system cash account and a bank statement or website as of a certain date.

Q?Why do people generally choose to use Clearrec?

ClearRec uses a flexible familiar Microsoft Office like user interface design that does not require a database nor a constant connection to an offsite server.  The program manages to provide robust tools for experts without a time consuming set up process.

Q?Does ClearRec have an audit trail?

Yes.  ClearRec provides a record of all matching transactions.  You can export this report to excel.

Q?What are the limitations of the free basic version?

The limitation is the amount of transactions that will “autoclear”.  The free basic version will autoclear up to 100 transactions.  You can manually clear nearly as many transactions as you want.  I have tested the program up to 250,000 transactions and in theory you could use the free basic version to manually clear up to that many.  This would not be practical though.  Most buy this program for the autoclear functionality.

Q?Will the free basic version stop working after I reach 100 transactions?

No.  You can manually clear as many transactions as you wish unless for some reason you are using it for more than its theoretical capacity of 250,000 transactions.  The free basic version is a good way to try out the program to see how it functions.  The paid versions have no transaction limit to autoclear and that is the main reason people go beyond the free basic version.

Q?So, if I had a small bank account with only a few transactions each month for a year, I could conceivably use the free basic version for the entire year?

Yes or longer.

Q?What is the difference between “autoclear” and “manually clear”?

“Autoclear” is a matching process built into the program that will automatically search and reveal similar transactions between your accounting system and your bank website.  In other words, it tries to do much of the bank reconciliation for you.  You would want to use “autoclear” as much as possible before resorting to “Manually clear”.

“Manually clear” is simply the process of you searching for yourself matching transactions between your accounting system and your bank website.


Let’s say check #54832 existed on both your accounting system and your bank website.

Pressing “autoclear” will show you that it found this check on both and will allow you to “clear” it (or rather show them as non outstanding items) with a few key strokes.

“Manually clearing” them would involve search first for the check in your accounting system.  Then looking separately in your list of banking items for the same check and selecting both to “clear” them.  This is sometimes not difficult but often time consuming.  Imagine doing this for 300 checks.

Q?Does ClearRec have a way for me to “manually clear” items?

Yes.  In fact, some people buy the program mainly for the manually clearing tools.  It has multiple ways to sort and find transactions.  It also uses a linear process that makes it far less likely to get out of balance.  This is true even for experts.  Keep in mind that an expert (me) helped design this program and added tools that were practical and useful.

Q?How do I contact you?

You can use the “Ask a Question” page under the Support section.  You can also e-mail me at nconway@clearrec.com or call 1-972-771-1065.

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