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The End of Manual Bank Reconciliations

One of the most important tasks in any office is the bank reconciliation. Few other tasks provide the same level of benefits as an internal control and as a way to maintain and improve accuracy. Unfortunately, it is often the least regarded in importance and is allocated relatively few resources in time and labor. For this reason, the level of innovation in bank reconciliations has lagged behind other business tasks. The bank reconciliation has been a manual process for many unfortunate office workers because of the misunderstanding of its importance.

Why is a bank reconciliation important?

A bank reconciliation provides timely error correction for accounting systems. It is often the first after-the-fact process to catch accounting errors. As well, if done routinely, it can catch errors soon enough that other processes would be too late to fix. For instance, a bank reconciliation can uncover a bank or credit card error. Bank errors found in audits performed much later often cannot be corrected as efficiently as a timely bank reconciliation.

As a direct result of fixing errors, an organization can often improve its image as being professional and efficient. This is one of the hidden benefits of a bank reconciliations. Customers’ statements are more accurate. Financial statements are produced in a more timely fashion. Loans or grants are administered more accurately and, therefore, strengthen an organization’s reputation.

Why would performing a bank reconciliation using a computer program improve the process dramatically?

Many business owners think the concept of a bank reconciliation is simple and, therefore, the process is simple. The concept is simple. The process often is difficult. Matching transactions between an accounting system and a bank can become a nightmare scenario. For instance, many times deposits are recorded differently in an accounting system than the bank account. This requires research and investigation. When combined with a manual process of having to keep the reconciliation in balance, it creates a reconciliation that can take days, weeks, or often cannot even be completed.

Bank reconciliation software offers many benefits that a manual bank reconciliation cannot offer. First, it offers a disciplined step-by-step process that can be administered efficiently. A manual process can be step-by-step and disciplined but often is more difficult to implement and is far less efficient in terms of time. Secondly, a computer program can automatically match many transactions between an accounting system and a bank website/statement. Automated reconciliation software nearly always merits the cost. Finally, a computer program can maintain the step-by-step process with flexibility to fix accounting system errors without starting over on the bank reconciliation.

My computer program has a bank reconciliation built in. So, I do not need to worry about it, right?

Another often misunderstood issue is that “integrated” bank reconciliation software provides an optimal solution. Many if not most integrated bank reconciliation software is little better than a manual process. They are often created by programmers that have a wide array of programming tasks. A bank reconciliation often is created as an afterthought and given few creative impulses by the programmer to make it innovative, efficient, and effective. So, many accountants trudge through the bank reconciliation process using a nearly manual process without even realizing that they have considerably better options available.

What would improve a manual or “integrated” bank reconciliation process?

A dedicated bank reconciliation program makes the task more bearable in several key ways that were touched on earlier:

  1. A bank reconciliation is a linear process. Only a step-by-step process truly makes a bank reconciliation efficient for both experts and beginners. A bank reconciliation program worth its salt will have steps built in.
  2. A bank reconciliation should be flexible. A challenging bank reconciliation requires a non-rigid program that can handle some of the nightmare scenarios of transactions that don’t quite match or that need adjustments.
  3. The program should have portability. Requiring a user to be constantly connected to the internet or to have a database server nearby just does not serve an accountant well in most cases.
  4. The website/program help should provide resources for training/understanding the program. Otherwise, the special features are useless.
  5. The bank account reconciliation software should have a lead accountant experienced in bank reconciliations and a lead programmer (usually a non-accountant) that can apply modern programming techniques.
  6. If the reconciliation tool charges a licensing fee and is not free, it should include bank reconciliation automation. An automated bank reconciliation nearly always includes a manual process. However, automatic bank reconciliations should be possible with this tool as at least some of the transactions can be automatically matched. Automated bank reconciliation should be part of your search criteria if you are wanting to pay money for a good reconciliation tool.

Bank reconciliation programs free from mind numbing complexity should be the goal. Bank account reconciliation software dedicated to the task most often have the fastest and most straightforward process. Accounting reconciliation software dedicated to reconciliations applies bank reconciliation solutions that just are not available in other processes.

What resources are available?

Several programs are on the market. The one program that meets all the points on the wishlist above is clearrec: It is well tested and provides a more accurate reconciliation software approach than most other processes. Researching the website will provide the background and training for anyone new to the process. As well, when you become experienced with a dedicated program like clearrec, you do not have to relearn a new method/program from one of the built-in bank reconciliation programs.

Bank Reconciliation Software Free Download

A unique feature of ClearRec is that there is a free version of it. Bank reconciliation programs free from licensing fees are rare. This one has a basic version that can be used for robust bank reconciliations. This free software is also accurate reconciliation software.

Other resources, include Wikipedia explanations:

Youtube also has several videos describing the process of bank reconciliations that can help a beginner:

This provides an introduction to clearrec:

We have only briefly described what a reconciliation tool can do. Bank reconciliation solutions are scattered across the internet. However, few solutions combine a solid programming environment with guidance from an experienced accountant. Make sure the solution you choose has both with our bias of course pointing to ClearRec.

Bank reconciliation automation should really also be part of a search. Automated bank reconciliation approaches nearly always merit the cost. Although a pure push button automatic bank reconciliation does not exist, bank reconciliation automation dramatically shortens the process. If you are reconciling more than 25 transactions, your process should take advantage of automated reconciliation software matching even if you are an expert. It is rare to find any expert or beginner that does not want to continue to use automated reconciliation software.

Other bank reconciliation programs free from any costs or fees do exist but most are spreadsheet approaches. We have not discovered one that has a clean straightforward process. Accounting reconciliation software should always have a simple straightforward process.

If you are on the fence regarding bank account reconciliation software, keep in mind that this important task probably takes up an enormous amount of your time. You would not be searching for bank reconciliation solutions otherwise. Take the important road of researching the options available to you.

Let me offer one last bit of advice:

When I first became an accountant and was given methods of performing accounting tasks like bank reconciliations, I often was told that a certain method should be used because “it works”. So, many of our tried and true methods fit into that category. Yet, you have rejected many of those. You likely do not use a paper memo to transcribe a message. You probably do not use a pay phone … ever. Using a manual “tried and true” process for bank reconciliations can hold you back as dramatically as an old technology. Take the step toward improving your workload and bring an end to your manual bank reconciliation processes.

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