Bank reconciliation How it works

Built for flexibility

ClearRec requires no database nor constant connection to the internet.  It was created to work along side or integrate with a variety of accounting systems.

ClearRec functions like a standard Microsoft Office program with a ribbon interface where you create and save files as you see fit.

ClearRec functions



Tools required by experts

ClearRec was designed to address features and work processes for bank reconciliation experts.

Among features available:

– Robust autoclear

– Flexible manually clear

– Split of batches (large transactions into smaller pieces)

– Adjustments on-the-fly (fix accounting errors without leaving the bank rec process)

Autoclear is displayed here showing the matches uncovered:




The process of manually clearing transactions is flexible and feature rich for transactions that were not matched in autoclear:

manually clearing transactions



ClearRec allows you to split transactions/batches into smaller pieces so that they are easier to match:

split transactions



ClearRec allows you to make adjustments on-the-fly to fix an accounting error without leaving the bank reconciliation process:

adjustments on-the-fly



Integrates with MS Excel™

ClearRec imports from and exports to Microsoft Excel™.  As well, you can even perform a significant amount of your reconciliation within Excel™ that can later be imported back into ClearRec with a couple of keystrokes:

ClearRec imports from

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